Air Conditioning Repair

Top-Notch Auto Air Conditioner Repair

You can Count on Our Dependable Technicians to Provide Quality AC Servicing and Repairs!

With the rising mercury levels and high humidity, the air conditioning system of your vehicle may not be performing optimally. Our auto air conditioning repair work will allow you to have a comfortable ride. Always!

Optimal AC performance will guarantee a stress free comfortable ride. Visit us today at 305 Center Street with your car and we'll provide AC system for optimum cooling efficiency along with other problems that contribute to poor AC cooling.  

Our Air Conditioner Repair Services Include-

  • Evaporator replacement
  • Air compressors
  • AC belts
  • Condenser
  • AC Hose Replacement
  • Cabin Air Filters (Maintenance)
We specialize in AC electronic systems. You'll be glad to learn that we can repair the electrical glitches in systems that control the AC and heating systems in your vehicle. No matter how complex a job, we'll always get it done! We assure you that like all our customers, you're going to be treated like our family!
We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment for our jobs. Call 281-479-1825  
We are among the few elite Delco Parts Premium Service Centers with access to Delco Diagnostic Hot Line. We also offer quality Delco parts to our customers
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