Excellent Brake Repair Services

Brakes making a squealing noise or you notice a vibration when applying the brakes?

The safety of a car is dependent largely on how well its brake functions. If your brakes are taking too long to react, it's time for you to visit us at McBroom's Automotive Inc. We'll inspect and if needed replace the faulty brakes on your car. We only use the highest quality brake parts available. Using low quality parts may help your wallet BUT sacrifice the safety of your family, create brake dust and that annoying squeal on stops.

Visit us today at 305 Center Street to use our brake repair services.  

Only Shop in the Area to Do In-House Resurfacing of Disc Rotors and Brake Drums!

We're the only shop in our area to do in-house resurfacing of disc rotors and brake drums. We use our in house AAMCO BRAKE Lathe machine for refinishing rotors and drums. You'll be pleased to learn that we also do repair on your ABS, TRACTION CONTROL and SKID CONTROL devices. These are electronically controlled units on most all late model vehicles. 

Call us at 281-479-1825. We offer FREE Wi-Fi in our shop. 

Our Range of Brake Repair 

  • Replace sticking or leaking calipers and/or wheel cylinders
  • Replace worn disc pads and/or shoes
  • Replace leaking master cylinders and test for “bleeding down” (fading pedal)
  • Repair or replace power brake boosters and hydra boost units
  • Diagnosis and repair of ABS , TRACTION CONTROL, and SKID CONTROL devices
  • We always Test drive vehicles to confirm repairs are done properly

FREE brake inspection, we will inspect all 4 wheels for abnormal wear; brake fluid leaks and a test drive to test function of brakes. 

FREE estimates are available. Same-day services are also available. Call 281-479-1825 
We do commercial auto work on light- and medium-duty vehicles. Get in touch with us today!
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