Front End Alignment/ Repair

Professional Front End Alignment Services

Ensure the Safety of Your Car and your Passengers With our complete FREE Front End Inspection of Your Vehicle!

If your car is experiencing vibrations at different speeds, uneven tire wear, pulling left or right or the ride is not smooth, you should get in touch with our experienced professionals at McBroom's Automotive Inc today to get the front end of your car checked. If any front end parts like struts or shocks of your car are loose we can repair them.

Be warned that driving your car around with these loose parts could lead to an accident. Through our front end alignment services, we'll ensure that your car is perfectly safe to drive. It is advisable to get your front end suspension thoroughly inspected at least once a year. 

Visit us today at 305 Center Street to use our front-end repair services.
Front End Alignment

Why Choose Us

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We believe in giving you more bang for your buck! Hence the reason we perform a thorough inspection of the front suspension of your car first.

Trained technicians look closely for damaged and/or loose worn parts. Only after we have carried out our inspection we will perform the front end alignment. This ensures that all the damaged parts are replaced at the beginning before the alignment process begins. Following this strict method ensures that there is no wastage of your time or money. 

Contact us today to get your worn out struts and shocks checked and replaced!   

Advantages of Using a Hunter Four Wheel Alignment Machine

Our “Hawk Eye” Hunter Alignment Machine is used for checking the alignment of the front end of a vehicle. It is state-of-the-art equipment and gives highly accurate results instantly. This is a brand new laser machine just introduced this year “2017” to the automotive industry.

Our trained technicians use this machine for highly accurate front end alignment services. This means that we can quickly check the front end alignment of your vehicle and provide any needed repairs quickly without holding you up for too long.  
To get personalized services, drive into our automobile repair shop today! 
FREE estimates are available. Call us at 281-479-1825 for an estimate and we'll get back to you within an hour! 
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