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Are you looking for general auto repair services for your vehicle? Contact McBroom's Automotive Inc for all tune-ups and oil changes. We can provide you with reliable auto maintenance services to keep your car running properly longer.

We recommend general automotive maintenance services be performed in co-ordnance with your owner’s manual and tune-ups every 60,000-90,000 miles or about once every three years. Don't procrastinate if you want to keep the maintenance costs for your vehicle low. Visit us today at 305 Center Street to use our general auto maintenance repair services.

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The fuel injectors of your vehicle are a highly critical part of your fuel system. Injectors need cleaning when a tune up is performed to operate efficiently. If not cleaned at least once every three years (or 90,000 miles) they won't be able to effectively inject a proper flow of fuel into the engine for proper internal combustion. This leads to poor fuel mileage and a rough running engine.

So, it's highly recommended that you have this service performed on regular intervals. We use a state-of-the-art injector cleaning machine for this purpose.
Auto repair
Another problem that occurs at times is when your “Check Engine Light” or “Service Engine Soon” light comes on. What does this mean? Well it could just be a loose gas cap. Reading the codes in your computer will lead our technician in the right direction to solve this condition.

Just having the codes from your computer DOES NOT tell what repair is needed, it leads a trained Technician in the right direction to properly diagnose and repair the problem.
Also remember, your vehicle WILL NOT pass a state inspection should this light be on.

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